Pueblo West Seller Checklist

Pueblo West Seller Checklist

The Pueblo West real estate market is thriving, with many prospective buyers eager to find the home of their dreams. If you want to get a top-dollar offer for your Pueblo West home, you must view your home from an objective perspective. Imagine how prospective buyers might see your home and get everything in order before listing it for sale.

Start the process by taking photos

Before creating professional photos of your home that go up on the MLS, consider taking “before” photos, as these will allow you to critically examine your space from a detached point of view.

You can take these photos yourself — it won’t be necessary to hire a photographer just yet. Start with the exterior of your property: the front, back, and even the sides. Next, move to the interior of your home and snap pictures of each room from multiple angles.

Once you have your photos, pull them up on your device, enlarge them to full-screen size, and analyze them ruthlessly. Make a comprehensive list of issues that stand out to you. Some or all of these issues might be simple to address with some targeted cosmetic staging, but it’s also possible that they might require the help of a professional.

Make your property safe, pleasing, and navigable

You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional landscaper to prepare your property, although it can alleviate stress. However, you should remove all outside debris and “junk” from the exterior of your home. Be sure to cut your grass and trim any hedges. Clear out any plastic children’s toys or water hoses scattered across the yard. You’ll also want to fix any holes in fences and replace any missing pieces.

The last thing you want is for people to injure themselves while on tours of your property. Ensure that your walkway is stable and that no trip hazards are underfoot. Hire a power washer if appropriate, and paint anywhere on your home’s exterior that might be flaking. The exterior of your home should be in great condition, as this will suggest you have taken care of your Pueblo West real estate.

Consider hiring an inspector for peace of mind

You don’t want to be blindsided with major plumbing, electrical, roofing, or foundation issues during your home sale, as this could potentially lead to the buyer backing out of the transaction. If you hire an inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of your home prior to listing it for sale, you’ll be aware of any significant issues your home may have. Doing an early inspection is especially critical if you’ve lived in your home for a long time.

You might be surprised by some of the issues an inspector can find wrong with your home, especially if you’ve been living there for some time without any apparent problems. Sometimes an inspector might find a “ticking time bomb,” or an issue that, if left unaddressed, might balloon into a larger, costly problem. By hiring an inspector before listing, you can then fix any issues before buyers even have a chance to look at the property.

Renovate if time is on your side (and if it doesn’t break the bank)

Prospective buyers will notice when your home is outdated and worn. For example, if your kitchen countertops have been the same for the past twenty years or your bathroom still has the same acrylic bulb handles from the early 1990s, it will likely look very dated to potential buyers. Buyers gravitate toward homes that offer modern trends and features and are in good condition. During viewings, buyers will likely take a deeper look at your home, including assessing your kitchen cabinets and under the sink.

You might not have the time or money to change or update areas that could benefit from an overhaul. But if you can update the spaces that need to be changed, then do so. You will command a higher sales price for your home, and it will likely sell quicker.

Work out a plan for your upcoming move

If you plan on purchasing another home after this one, you must get your affairs in order before putting your home on the market. If you don’t have the liquid assets available to pay for a new home, then you’ll need to get pre-approved for another mortgage, and that pre-approval will likely be contingent on the sale of your home.

Of course, if you don’t want to purchase a new home immediately, you can always consider moving into a short-term or longer-term rental after selling your home. Having that extra time might make it easier to make the best decision on buying a new home. However, this might not be feasible if you’re moving to any area that doesn’t have many rentals available or if you’d rather avoid the hassle of moving twice in a short period.

If you need extra time in your home but want to sell it as soon as possible to help you qualify for a new mortgage, then talk with your Pueblo West real estate agent about a rent-back. A rent-back means you can continue to stay put for up to 60 days after selling your home. 60 days is typically the maximum amount allowed by lenders. Not all buyers will have time on their side, however, so you might not get as many offers if you want to do a rent-back, meaning that it might take longer to sell your house. Consider the possibilities and options and what they mean for your particular situation.

Hire an experienced local agent

If you’d like to talk through the selling process with a top-rated local agent, contact Casey Edwards at Team Gary Miller. Casey can help you process the various stages of the selling journey and set you up in the right direction for success. With his years of experience and ample knowledge of the Pueblo West real estate market, Casey is more than equipped to help you list your home and receive a top-dollar offer.

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