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A couple months ago, I inquired about purchasing a home in Pueblo.  As it turned out, the "perfect" house just happened to be your listing.  Rather than ignore phone calls, take days to respond – if at all, you and your employees/co-workers were right there with the answers, or getting back to let me know you needed a little time to get the answers.  You never put me off; rather, treated me and made me feel as if I was your only and most important customer


It didn't stop with finding the right house, either.  Every step of the way, I knew answers and moral support where just a phone call away.  Even when the deal was done, you never ignored the after-the-fact questions.  You and your team are wonderful and remarkable people.  I thank all of you, for making this process the most fluid, painless, and most wonderful experience. 


You have a remarkable company, and I wish all the best for you and your employees in this new year, and for the future.  You're the best.




Sharon G. Clark